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Boys' Club Racer is a game I made in 48 hours for a game jam in 2014. As such, it is unfinished, untuned, and likely to have bugs. It is very, very, short and has no sound.

It is also a game about being an amateur racer and it aspires to show the world around racing, not just the short amount of time you spend behind the wheel. You take on the persona of Tabitha, a woman who has decided to no longer let casual sexism stop her from pursuing a sport she enjoys: driving.


Included with the game is the conversation editor - it's a little weird and definitely has some obscure rules but it's possible to make your own conversations! Documentation for the conversation editor coming soon.

3D version coming... sometime... maybe

That's what prototypes are for! If enough people dig the idea I'll spend more time on the updated version of this game instead of other prototypes. Let me know what you think! All feedback is welcome.

Follow / tweet at me on twitter for updates: @noGasta

Install instructions

Unzip the files to a location of your choosing and run BoysClubRacer.exe


BoysClubRacer.zip 920 kB

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